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Ministry of Industry and Mines unveiled New advanced sedan named Dena
2011/04/11 | 17:37
Dena`s specifications was released

Ministry of Industry and Mines unveiled New advanced sedan named Dena

Persiankhodro: Ministry of Industry and Mines, Ali Akbar Mehrabian unveiled today a new developed model of Irankhodro named in Dena with Iranian platform that passes the latest Europe safety and environmental standards priced between 18000 and $25000.

The model hits market aiming presentation of Irankhodro`s capabilities in design and production, he added.

Najmeddin in one of the last days of previous year in a press conference had said that a new model will be debut in first month of next Iranian year (beginning from 20th march).

new model has targeted competitive advantages in domestic and foreign markets for the company and benefit from a new style with minimum investment.

Regarding to increase more and more of cars imported to the country and also price rises of oil he reiterated that Dena can compete in domestic market thanks of safety standards of pedestrian and front crashes.

Mass production of the model will be in 2012 because of mold works, according to Irankhodro`s speech.

All processes of Dena designs have progressed by domestic experts without doing consult with foreign companies.

Samand, first national brand was designed in lieu of technical assists from some European carmakers that had been rumored as German.

Dena was told being completely domestic designed under NX7 project.

According to Irankhodro`s CEO, NX7 includes LX model with EF7 engine fueled both on oil and gas separately and ELX with EF7 turbocharged all with manual transmission system.

According to media, the new IKCO`s sedan was priced between 18000 and $25000.

The plan for production of these models is as 35000 in first year of hitting market, 80000 in 2013 and 100,000 from 3rd year of launching.

15000 sets of Dena will be exported annually.

Dena is a name of one of the tallest peaks located in south-west of Iran in Kohgeiluie va Buyerahmad province.


VEHICLE TYPE: front-engine, 5-passenger, 4-door sedan

PRICE: $14,000 (base price: $14,000 for LX model and $18,000 for ELX)

ENGINE TYPE: Gas-based EF7, Oil-based EF7 and EFP

TRANSMISSION: automatic/manual

ACCELERATION: Zero to 60 mph: 11.6 sec

FUEL ECONOMY: EPA average: 34.4 mpg