July 4, 2020
Persian Khodro
Russians waiting for the new product of IranKhodro
2011/10/01 | 12:59

Russians waiting for the new product of IranKhodro

PersianKhodro: production plant of Belarus has the ability to produce Runna and Dena

According to PersianKhodro, Habbib allah Mohammadi Chahaki , deputation of industrial group CEO in Russia in Belarus, said :” we should notice that that from July 2011 a Customs area were established between Kazakhstan , Russia and Belarus and after preparation of second phase of UNISON’s production plant we can enjoy the benefits of area like elimination of Customs duties and we hope that besides the exportations from Iran, our products will be imported from Belarus to Russia too .

He continued :” Industrial group of IranKhodro in the past 2 years despite the crisis outside of the country, has begun to create new infrastructures and by reducing or removing costs, has made Samand production plant in Belarus more active . “

Mohammadi said that production plant of Belarus has the ability to produce Runna and Dena alongside the Samand and added :” It should be done after confirmation of IranKhodro’s industrial group CEO . “

He also said :” capacity of UNISON’s production plant in a work shift is 5 thousand units in a year but Belarus market is small and we are looking to export these vehicles to CIS area .”

He added :” we also try to gain certificate standards of Russia to export some of our Samand units to this country . “

Mohammadi said that one of the most important works that has been done in Belarus by IranKhodro industrial group is reducing the Customs and logistic costs and continued :” after localization of parts, the cost of transportation and Customs will be reduced and the profit would be awarded to IranKhodro. “

While appreciating the supports of Najm al-Din , he pointed out :” the way that CEO of IranKhodro industrial group looks toward this production plant is very intelligent and scientific, as in the past 2 years after revision of some IranKhodro’s policies and operating the needed infrastructures, the way for exporting is open and clear.“

He emphasized :” the Russian market in joining WTO and it’s the best opportunity for IranKhodro to sell their vehicles.”

Mohammadi described the Russian market “appropriate” for Samand, Runna and Dena and said :” Russian consumers are waiting for IranKhodro’s new products because the last product (Samand) is spacious and efficient which is welcomed by Russian families among the vehicles below 20 thousand dollars.“

He said :” by gaining the standard certificate of Russia in 2011, we hope to satisfy 30 to 40% orders of Russia people by Belarus production site in 2012.”

Finally, he added :” we will have a good market in CIS region in near future by activating the production and selling the vehicles with Euro 4 Standard .”

We should notice that 32% stocks share of Belarus UNISON is belonged to IranKhodro’s industrial group.