October 22, 2018
Persian Khodro
Iran Khodro will enter the Tunisian market with Runna
2013/08/27 | 15:29

Iran Khodro will enter the Tunisian market with Runna

PersianKhodro: Iran Khodro Industrial Group is going to export 6 vehicles to Tunis in order to expand its overseas markets and prepare itself to enter the North African countries permanently.

According to PersianKhordo report, export deputy of Iran Khodro (IKCO) said: "These vehicles are Samand, Runna and Soren which are going to be adjusted with Tunisian approved standards."

He stated: "For coordinating IKCO's export and marketing, a Tunisian company is established to expand its export to Tunis and other North African countries."

He continued: "IKCO will try to use Tunisian market in order to export its products to Libya and Algeria. In this regard, it is going to export 1000 vehicles to Tunis by the end of the year."

He announced: "In order to present more powerful in the Tunisian market, a team of experts from export department of IKCO will travel to Tunis to investigate on areas which the company can work on."

According to his states, IKCO will establish official sales and marketing agencies in Sousse town and also the company is trying to play a growing role in the automobile markets of Libya and Algeria by exporting different kinds of vehicles.