October 21, 2018
Persian Khodro
2013/09/16 | 13:38

Producing 7 types of Scania coach buses in Iran

PersianKhodro: CEO of Oghab Afshan Industrial & Manufacturing Co. which is the manufacturer of Scania buses in Iran said about producing 7 types of coach buses by this company.

According to PersianKhodro report, Abdollah Akbari Rad in an interview expressed his sadness toward Qom Road accident and mentioned that Oghab Afshan Company is active in manufacturing and supplying seven types of coach buses.

He emphasized these buses have all of the necessary standards and continued: "The Institute of Standard has defined 52 items for manufacturing a bus and according to the law the product must be in accordance with those standards."

A delegation from Swedish Scania Company will investigate the accident of Qom Road

The Manufacturer of Scania buses in Iran said: "Oghab Afshan Co. is working under the standards which are defined by the ministry of Industry, Mines and trade and the Institute of Standard."

Akbari Rad by announcing that the company is ready to answer about this tragic accident, said: "Next week a delegation from Swedish Scania Company will come to investigate the accident."

50 million dollars contracts affected by the accident Qom

The CEO of Oghab Afshan Co. by saying that these buses are exported to foreign countries stated: "Unfortunately, talking about the accident affected our 50 million dollars export contracts."

He asked the press to publish the news professionally and added: "The experts must pay attention to the reasons of this fire accident because different factors could cause that."

He announced about overturning of the bus in previous year and said: "After the overturning, it took 750 Million Rails from insurance as the compensation. Unfortunately, after the overturning it had been used by other centers and it didn't have the license of our technical examination centers."

Warning of five safety control systems to the bus

Akbari Rad by stating that the best brands of tires (made in Germany) have been used in these coach buses said: "These tires have the power to travel between 400 and 500 kilometers."

The CEO of Oghab Afshan Co. emphasized that the bus was moving in a downhill at a high speed and five safety control systems warned the driver before accident but those warnings were not considered, unfortunately.

He also stated that 19 thousand coach buses are traveling in the roads of our country which 5700 of them are Scania and continued: "Only two coach buses of those had the fire accident."