October 21, 2018
Persian Khodro
Americans should not lose the opportunity of being present in the Iranian auto industry conference
2013/11/19 | 16:16
Presence of automakers and auto-parts makers from 20 countries has been confirmed so far

Americans should not lose the opportunity of being present in the Iranian auto industry conference

The secretary of the Iranian auto industry conference announced: "The presence of 20 countries, which their technology in automotive industry are well known, has been confirmed so far and it is better for American automakers not to miss this opportunity."

According to PersianKhodro report, Sasan Ghorbani in the presence of representatives of foreign media in Iran said: "World's powerful countries have attempted to impose restrictions and sanctions against the Iranian economy in recent years but attendance at the conference is a great opportunity to identify the potential of automotive industry and its market in Iran."

Stating that the main purpose of this conference is only to inform and introduce the capacities, he said: "According to Iran's young population there is an attractive market for car manufacturers to produce and supply cars with the global standards. Meanwhile, Iran has the potential to dominate the entire Middle East market and this is a unique opportunity for all automakers and auto-parts manufacturers in the world."

The secretary of the Iranian auto industry conference said: "The presence of delegations from France, Japan, Germany, Italy, Turkey, UK, China, India, the Czech Republic, South Korea, Spain, Egypt, Switzerland, Denmark and ... have been confirmed do far but we have not received a clear answer from the American automakers."

Ghorbani announced that the sanctions have had a negative impact on the process of Iranian automotive industry and added: "The effects of sanctions were much more on the performance of Iranian foreign partners and this caused the loss of many job opportunities for them in the past few years."

He said: "Many sanctions on automotive industry in Iran do not have an acceptable reason because the industry has nothing to do with nuclear activities and over 80% of activities in Iranian auto industry are done by the private sector, currently."

Given that one of the most important questions that can be posed in the conference would be about the sanction on Iran automotive industry, he noted: "This conference will attempt to study on the ways that can develop the cooperation between Iran and other auto makers around the world."

He pointed to the interest of Chinese automakers to be present in the conference and said: "Due to the some advantages such as good infrastructure of automotive and auto-parts manufacturing in Iran, relatively acceptable level of knowledge and technology, human resource capabilities, energy and mineral resources of Iran and also having good access to the markets of the Middle East, there are good opportunities for the world's largest automakers to cooperate with Iran."

He pointed to the efforts of the government and Minister of Industry, Mine and Commerce to organize this international conference and stated: "Iranian automotive industry has the experience of producing 1.6 million vehicles in a year in its records and it is one of the five countries in the world in terms of infrastructure of auto-parts industry, undoubtedly."

The first international conference on Iran auto industry will be held on 30th Nov 2013 in Tehran Milad Tower.