May 24, 2019
Persian Khodro
Color Variation in Cars
2014/09/12 | 10:40

Color Variation in Cars

IKCO paint shops are capable of applying 30 variants of colors on this company's cars simultaneously.

According to PersianKhodro report, IKCO, the company that has gained a noticeable share of Iran's car market, is determined to present cars with diverse colors to supply different tastes of its customers in domestic and international markets while bringing out beauty in the streets.

According to a report released by IKCO, the production capacity of the company's paint shops reach 125 sets per hour and right now a major part of this capacity is being used.

The modern equipment applied in shops can compete with those of famous carmakers and the production process is highly mechanized, utilizing 80 robots to spray paint on car bodies.

In the meantime, the delicate quality control systems are applied right from ordering paints to suppliers to the paint spray on bodies in three IKCO paint shops.

It's noteworthy IKCO partners like Renault, Peugeot, Benz and Suzuki approve the paint process in Iran Khodro.

IKCO has planned on improving color variation of its products, setting the stage to boost its technical skills in this field.