January 22, 2022
 Plans to win 15 percent of Iran’s market share
2014/09/30 | 12:05
JAC’s CEO announces:

Plans to win 15 percent of Iran’s market share

Chinese Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Co’s CEO reveals its Planning to achieve a market share of 10 to 15 percent of passenger cars and offer three new products to Iran’s market this year. He said: “establishing research centers and attaining engineering and technical knowledge are the key points in enhancing productivity.”

According to PersianKhodro report, At a press conference in response to questions about the company's presence in Iran’s market during a visit made by journalists on the company's product lines Xingchu Xiang stated: “to increase the demands in Iran’s market and obtaining the market share from 10 to 15 percent of passenger cars, We intend to increase the variety of products in the Iranian market in the next 3 to 5 years.”

In response to the question that what Jac’s key to success and the main factor in productivity enhancement is, he said: “to enhance productivity we have drawn a complete attention to technical knowledge and investment in research and development, actually acquiring technical knowledge is considered a key action for us.”

Another journalist asked him about lack of cooperation with European brands to manufacture collaborative automobiles, which he responded: “there’s been an interest in collaboration with foreign brands and at some points negotiations with companies such as General Motors and Hyundai have been done, but they all have been confidential and there was no point in revealing them in the media.”

He declared except from collaboration in terms of manufacturing spare parts and auto parts which is in progress and is going to happen in future, added: “we have Red lines and interests and also our foreign counterparts think of their own interests, but we have to look for common interests which is not only possible but also reachable.”

Jac motors’ CEO insisted: “establishing companies with joint ventures to cooperate with well-known foreign brands shall not be only for the sake of market sharing per se, but to gain information and technology.”

He said many foreign counterparts only look for a chance to saturate the market with their own products and don’t want to share their technological advances with another company. We are looking for a way to upgrade our products and own the market’s share and it’s a hindrance, of course chance plays a role regarding this issue as well.”

Car production based on Renewable Energies has created a new wave in China's automotive industry

Xiang stated considering the developments of cars based on renewable energies are one of the new approaches China’s automakers are taking and said: “this issue has created a new wave in automotive industry and also by the end this year a new generation of Jac’s electric cars or EVs with the capacity of 200 miles before recharging will be unveiled which are totally suitable for urban areas.

He mentioned the competency of Chinese brands with European brands in china's market and said: " high rate of some top selling Jac's cars in Brazil led some people in government to use their influence and leverage to impose a series of tariffs for importing Chinese cars to Brazil in order to increase the overall price of our cars which clearly shows the competency of Chinese vehicles."

Iranians image of Chinese cars must be improved

by mentioning to the imagery asserted in Iranians mind towards poor quality of some Chinese vehicles, he said:"changing the image formed in Iranian customers' minds regarding Chinese goods is a long-term process that must be corrected."

Also, he mentioned to the two existing research centers belonging to Jac to increase the quality of the company's products in Italy and Japan and said:" we have built another vast research center in Huffy, China, which is a large and considerable Center."

He emphasized :" we pay special attention to key production processes and if there are any problems we won't let it leak in the section of sale and after sale services."

Xiang also talked about exports of his company:" we have never insisted on exporting cars to all countries however, we have had competency in the market in mind."

he added: we are not worried about Iran's future market regarding competency, with or without sanctions, there would be no concern about staying in Iran's market, and to be durable in Iran's market we're going to focus on improvements of our products."

Programs to enhance the technical knowledge of our Iranian partners

Xiang said that the government has spent a lot of energy on Iranian automakers, and stated:" we are not just after exporting our products to Iran, but we have plans to enhance the technical knowledge of our Iranian partners."

He referred to negotiations with Kerman Motor about localizing the productions of complex parts such as motors and gears in Iran and said:" as well as quality enhancement and a good service to customers, we follow our prime goal to enhance the technical capacity of our Iranian partners."

He's scheduled to deliver two SUV S5, S3 and A30 to the Iranian market during the year and said: Next year, two sedan and SUV productions will be available in Iran's market.

3 different entities oversee production and supply of cars in China

Xiang continued stating that the company's growth in terms of production of commercial vehicles has achieved the first place in China and said: we are among the two top companies in the production of light commercial vehicles (vans) in China's domestic market and we have the first place in exports.

According to his speech, currently, gasoline and diesel engines with the volume of 1.8, 2, 2.7, 2.8, 4.8 and 7.2 liter are manufactured by Jac company, and recently, a billion Johann is invested to build a new factory to manufacture engine motors with the capacity of 2.8, 3.2 and 4.8-liter to manufacture the standard Euro 4 and Euro 5 diesel engines by localized technology.

He also talked about Jac's program about manufacturing new products and said:" S5, A30 and S3 are jac company's new cars and presently, the company is among the top 10 automaker in China's market."

stating that there are three different entities that oversee the production and supply of cars in Chinese market, Jac's CEO said:" Over the past 5 years from 6 engine that are installed on the Jac products, all of them have been part of China's top 10 engines."

He pointed out: "a lot of monitoring is done to guarantee that the ideas are innovative and using other companies' initiatives is prevented."