December 7, 2021
Lifan X50 and 820 in the roads of Iran
2015/01/03 | 10:42
Vice President General Manager:

Lifan X50 and 820 in the roads of Iran

persian khodro: “Lifan’s new car, 720, is to come to Iran in near future” said Mark Timber, Vice President General Manager of Lifan Motor Co.

According to PersianKhodro report, He added: Lifan has planned to produce X50, a small SUV and 820, a sedan and a serious price competitor for Camry Toyota; in Iran next year.

Pointing out the importance of aftersales services in Iran, Timber suggest establishing a joint investment company.

According to Mark Timber, Kerman Motor has received credit to import parts from China.

Lifan has planned to export its X50 and 620 to Iran in 2016, also this Chinese company will produce and deliver X70 and X80, and both of them are 4WD. The 3rd generation of X50, 720 and 820 in 2017.

Lifan export its production to more than 40 countries especially CIS. Russia import more than 35.000 Lifan’s car a year.

Lifan also exported 31.000 car to Iran and Iraq last year.

Uruguay in South America has a production line for Lifan and Brazil is the greatest market in the region.

Top 3rd exporter of China produce Lifan in Ethiopia-Africa.