January 27, 2022
"Article recall" for the 5th Iran Automotive Industry International Conference
2017/12/25 | 11:25

"Article recall" for the 5th Iran Automotive Industry International Conference

The secretariat of the 5th Iran Automotive Industry International Conference released an invitation to receive expert and connected articles to topics of the congress.

According to the secretariat, the fifth congress of Iran's automobile industry with the subject of “Competitive Supply Chain, Raw Materials, Parts Manufacturing and logistics” will be held in Milad tower’s conference hall on 13th and 14th of February.

According to this report, the secretariat of the congress invited students, experts and concerned people to send their articles regarding the following seven subjects:
1. The core competencies and potential of the parts and materials manufacturers of Iran
2. Catching up with recent technologies in competitiveness and its outlooks
3. Key items in competitiveness technology index
4. Role of parts manufacturing in automotive design and evolution
5. Roles of governments in development and promotion of supply chain
6. Architectural models in supply chain
7. Financial and economic models in the development and excellence of the supply chain

The applicants can send the digest of their articles until 5th of January to the secretariat of the congress.

The complete articles should be sent to INFO@IAIIC.COM until the end of this month.

For more information about the fifth international congress of Iran's automobile industry, you can visit the site of congress: http://iaiic.com